Are you a new tea drinker or already a tea drinker, but want to know more?


Modern Tea

is the book for you!


Did you know that

you can

Cook with Tea?

Make Cocktails

with Tea?

Pair Tea with your Favorite Foods?

Learn How

in Modern Tea


Featured In:

Tea House Times


It's a beverage,

a commodity,

a ceremony,

a meal,

a spiritual encounter,

a connector of people,

a drink of peace,

a pick-me-up,

a comforter,

and a way of life for many.

As tea continues

to rise

in popularity,


comprehensive guide

explores the celebrated beverage through the eyes

of a certified tea specialist.

From its sometimes murky origins

to today's wide range of tea ceremonies, Lisa Boalt Richardson delves into

the world of tea

to create a fresh

and accessible package

for tea rookies and gurus alike.

With tips for shopping,



and tasting,

plus advice for using tea in pairings, cooking,


and home health remedies,

this fascinating read is everyone's

cup of tea.


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Modern Tea:

A Fresh Look at an Ancient Beverage



A Peek Inside Modern Tea

‘Photographs copyright 2014 Jenifer Altman,

used by permission of Chronicle Books’ 


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What Folks are Saying

about Modern Tea

"Lisa Boalt Richardson's Modern Tea is a wonderful guide for both the tea novice and the tea aficionado. And when it comes to the deep science behind tea and health, one finds a discussion that is accurate but easy for all to understand. For learning how to make the perfect cup, enjoy its varying and delicious nuances, and pair it with favorite foods, Modern Tea is an authoritative resource. ~Jeffrey Blumberg, PhD Tufts University

"For those who are beginning their journey into fine tea — or who you might want to lure into the world of tea! — Modern Tea provides everything they’ll need to know within its 164 pages. Lisa’s breezy writing style draws the reader in, as do the lush photos (by Jenifer Altman). Don’t be fooled by its slimness and casual demeanor, however; there’s good, in-depth content here."

~ Tea Guide

"Modern Tea is beautifully designed with gorgeous texture & photos. The content is laid out in such a friendly way ~ Lisa introduces the reader to many tea colleagues as she informally guides us through familiar & fresh new terrain. A must for everyone's Tea Library ~ Highly Recommended!! "

~Linda Villano, Owner SerentipiTea 

"In addition to pairing the ancient lore with our new-fangled preparations, she adds the sweetness of her own journey to become a tea professional. With generous, personal narratives, we come to know Richardson as a teacher and sommelier of note and a world traveler to visit the fields where our fine teas are grown."

~Babette Donaldson, Tea author and Specialist

" Modern Tea, is not just for the coffee table (or tea corner), but for the educational reference book shelf! Excellent work, Lisa!"

~Kirsten Kristensen, Certified Tea Specialist & Owner Tea 4 U

"Exquisite guide to exploring tea's history, essential terms and definitions, and focuses on a deeper appreciation of tea in many ways"

~Tea House Times

"Outstanding book telling the story of tea from a leaf in the garden through the cup to meditation tool. Your ability to simplify the tea story in words that can be understood by the most novice tea fan but yet appreciated by seasoned tea enthusiasts is extremely unique. "Modern Tea" should be a required reading for all students of the leaf. "Modern Tea" has become my number one tea reference book."

~Marcella Auman Farina Certified Tea Specialist


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