About Lisa's Services and training:

"Lisa’s background in both restaurant hospitality and tea made her the ideal person to conduct tea training for my staff. She has a wide-range of knowledge about tea and was able to help my servers grasp a greater understanding of tea and proper tea service. I would highly recommend Lisa Richardson to anyone thinking of developing or enhancing their tea service."
Debbie Seven, Owner, Farmhouse Tea Shoppe

About Lisa's Services/marketing:

"Lisa Richardson has vast experience and industry savvy in tea and tea marketing.  She is fast becoming one of the foremost experts on tea and we were pleased to have her speak at the World Tea Expo."

George Jage, President of the World Tea Expo


"Lisa Richardson was able to “kick-start” my business. Her keen sense of marketing and public relations opened my eyes to things to look for and the best ways to market my tearoom. The press releases she wrote for us generated local and national exposure. People are still coming in two years later and mentioning the article they saw on us."
—Brenda Lain, Owner, Vintage Tea

"Lisa has a sincere interest in helping hospitality establishments to develop tea programs that could potentially increase their bottom line.  It is evident of that with her gracious involvement with Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts - Atlanta, doing Master Workshops for our students and instructors on tea."

- Chef Jae Gruber Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts-Atlanta and host of "Great Taste from the Chefs Corner" Radio Program


What can Lisa Boalt Richardson
offer you?

Whether you are an event organizer looking for culturally relevant topics that draw quality audiences, or an owner of a tea-related business outlet like tea rooms and tea distributors, Lisa Boalt Richardson can give you:

Creative & Entertaining Ideas
Education about Specialty Teas
Lisa Boalt Richardson is an expert at training and marketing!

Here's two key ways Lisa can help you:

Marketing and Public Relations

Have you just opened a tea business or want to increase sluggish sales and customer awareness in your established tea business? With an expertise in marketing, hospitality, and tea, we understand what it takes to draw in new customers, bring back in the old ones, and increase your bottom line. Our proven, easy to execute marketing ideas and public relations efforts are just what you need.

Vintage Tea is one of Lisa's latest clients retaining her marketing expertise!

Hotel Tea and
Staff Training

Etiquette and Tea Training is just another Service from Lisa!

Tea’s popularity is soaring and the demographics of the tea drinker are changing. As the tea consumer becomes more savy, have you kept current on tea and tea trends? Learn what teas are hot sellers, stylish menu options, and appealing tea and food pairings. We can customize a program to update your tea service and train you staff with the most current information on tea and proper etiquette.

For Spokesperson Opportunities, please contact

Lisa provides single project promotions and ongoing retainer services for her marketing and training programs. We look forward to helping you grow, succeed and connect to your audiences!


Please contact us  for more information and to discuss your organization's specific needs.

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